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Catchment Friendly Gardening

Many gardeners are unaware that their garden can have significant negative impacts on the environment due to the use of fertilisers, chemicals and excessive water in an effort to "beat" the conditions which in Perth include low-nutrient sandy soils and long dry summers. Excessive use of nutrients on gardens can leach into groundwater or wash into stormwater drains, causing eutrophication in receiving waters such as local lakes and the Swan River.

Some gardeners however are aware of these impacts and rather than fight against the conditions, work with them by choosing plants which are suited to Perth's soil and climate while avoiding chemicals and practices which might harm wildlife.

To recognise such gardens the Claise Brook Catchment Group sought funding for a separate category in the City of Vincent Garden Competition to recognise "Catchment Friendly Gardens".

 What is a Catchment Friendly Garden?

A Catchment Friendly Garden is one that fits in with its environment, it takes notice of the soil and the climate and uses plants that are well adapted to the environment, preferably local native species which provide habitat for all manner of native animals from invertebrates to reptiles and birds.

It is a garden that is managed in such a way as not to harm the environment. It follows sustainable fertiliser and watering practices, avoids the use of harmful chemicals and avoids plants which may escape to become weeds.

As for any garden it is well designed to suit the site and the needs of the land user.

A Catchment Friendly Garden has the following features

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