Working to conserve and restore water quality and wildlife habitat in Perth inner city catchments

What you can do

Everyone lives in a catchment whether it drains to a nearby wetland, a stream, river, the ocean or an inland sea. And everyone can make sure they do what they can at home and in their neighbourhood to look after their catchment.

Protecting your catchment

All of our activities have an impact on the environment, from fertilising our front lawn, dropping a cigarette butt, sweeping dirt into the street or washing the car on the road. There are simple things we all can do to protect our local waterways.

Download our stormwater brochure for more ideas on how to help maintain water quality in your catchment.

Encouraging biodiversity

Perth is located in a biodiversity hotspot.  Increased urbanisation does not mean that we can’t do your bit to maintain and enhance the biodiversity within our city.  Check out our tips for encouraging biodiversity to see what you can do.

Get involved

Join your local catchment group. Contact us to join our emailing list and receive regular updates on our activities.

Dino the "catchment friendly" dog always has a pet poo bag handy just in case.

Feeding ducks causes more harm than good. Print out our “Please don’t feed us” poster to put up at your school, playgroup or workplace.

Report dirty building sites to your local council. Piles of building sand on verges can easily wash into stormwater drains during downpours. Sediment is a major pollutant of wetlands and rivers.

Change to a catchment friendly garden and reduce the nutrient impact from your garden.