Working to conserve and restore water quality and wildlife habitat in Perth inner city catchments

Monthly working bees

Join our members on the first Saturday of each month at a working bee spending a few hours caring for inner city wetlands.

In recent years we have generally alternated our working bees between Robertson Park and Hamilton Lake.

The seasonal wetland in Robertson Park was created in 2004 to restore an area of natural habitat to the inner city. The wetland is filled by stormwater runoff from surrounding streets and dries out naturally in summer. Our members monitor water quality, plant seedlings and weed. In spring and summer we collect seed and grow seedlings which are planted back around the wetland. The plantings assist in improving the filtering capacity of the wetland as well as providing food and shelter for wildlife.

Working bees in 2022 all starting at 8:30am.  Contact us for more details

Where is it?    (Click on the map for more details)

Robertson Park Wetland is located near the corner of Stuart and Palmerston Streets, Perth

Robertson Park Wetland

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Piazza Nanni is located near the corner of Aberdeen and Fitzgerald Streets, Perth

Piazza Nanni