Working to conserve and restore water quality and wildlife habitat in Perth inner city catchments

Perth catchment cycle tour

Perth cyclists showed keen interest in features of the Claise Brook and Perth city catchments during a tour held during 2006 Bikeweek.

The Claise Brook Catchment Group thanks to the City of Perth and the Swan River Trust for supporting this event.

More than 30 cyclists took part in the tour on Saturday 11 March which explored places of interest in the Mounts Bay and Claise Brook catchments.  The riders were accompanied by six members of the Claise Brook Catchment Group and two City of Perth staff.

Places visited included the constructed wetland at Point Fraser, the city foreshore, Mounts Bay and the lakes within the Narrows Interchange.

After crossing to the northern side of the city and into the Claisebrook catchment, the group cycled along the former chain of lakes north of the city to Claisebrook Cove in East Perth.  After a brief stop at a fountain representing Claise Brook we returned to Point Fraser via the river.  

Much of the tour was on land which 200 years ago would have been water.  The lakes north of the city were drained to provide land for building and later the railway, and much of today’s river foreshore was formed by dredging the river bed and filling in the shallow foreshore areas.  This was graphically shown by marking the route on an 1897 map of Perth.


Point Fraser constructed wetland

Admiring what’s left of Mounts Bay

2006 cycle ride marked on 1897 map of East Perth